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Country Decorative Items. Making Christmas Decorations With Kids

Country Decorative Items

country decorative items

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holiday tea

holiday tea

For Monthly Scavenger Hunt - November
#10 - One lump or two?

Sleighbells is a Christmas tree farm and holiday shop in Sherwood, Oregon. It's a wonderful place out in the country and has an ornament shop that features every ornament you could imagine.

On the weekends leading up to Christmas, the place is packed with families cutting their tree, visiting with Santa, shopping and taking in the various edible delights. There's always free coffee and hot chocolate to warm you after coming in from finding your perfect tree. They also make kettle corn and serve lunch items.

A few years back, Sleighbells started serving tea and goodies and it is such a special treat to go there with my daughters.

happy Persian New Year!

happy Persian New Year!

this is the traditional "haft-seen" display that all Persian households put together for the new year. "Haft-seen" means 7 s's, each of these items (with a few exceptions), start with the Farsi equivalent of "s"

country decorative items

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